Congratulations Tommy Joe Ratliffe And Liz Hill.

Well, who knew? Well, apparently lotsa people, but I had no idea. And how very cool TJ has a partner. This is wonderful news as many people enjoy being in a relationship. Of course, it makes the crays who believe he is Adam’s lover even more foul, disgusting and wrong. But it makes it heaps easier for normal fans to realize how life changes and we can be even happier in our safe knowledge that there is nothing betwixt Adam and TJ, and some cray people, who are not fans, need to get a grip on reality. And TJ needs to not respond to the total nutso ones like Laurielovesbeinginsane and Hannableck.

UPDATE – Wow, just found this insanity…….

Liz Anne Hill Rant
I used to be a really big Liz Hill fan. I met her during Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour of America. She came out and talked to me and my friend for a long time and she made me feel special. She told me all about her beliefs. She studied the bible and wore a promise ring. She told me to be true to myself. She has changed or was lieing to my face then. She is mean spirited to her bf’s fans and she is arogant. She is dating someone that doesn’t even think god exists and is always making fun of her beliefs. I know she still goes to church with her sister cuz someone I know in her home town told me but she is two faced. She goes to a church that says they don’t believe in gay rights but she says she is for it. I think she just wants her bf to keep likeing her. I don’t agree with him but I like that he seems honest and real. She is so fake now. I guess she always was. I liked her so much but now I notice like she doesn’t even seem to make music or have a band any more. Does she think he’s going to support her?? I wish she let people ask her questions.

I am just speechless. People really need to stay the fuck out of the lives of people who they say they respect and support. And thy need to just have nothing to do or say about their partners. And you do not need to be of the same faith for your relationship to work. And you do NOT have to hate gay people to be a christian. Idiots.

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  • Just me says:

    Tommy and Liz look very sweet couple. Time will tell what happens. They are both young, especiallly Liz.

  • Lilly says:

    Threatening Liz and sending Tommy gifts:

    Cheryl @CherylARowe
    @AdommyShipper @bcdeanne @laurielovesadam @glamnell If I ever see her, things may end badly. Might do a trailer trash smackdown. haha…
    Cheryl @CherylARowe

  • Dawn says:

    And you do NOT have to hate gay people to be a christian.

    Ofcourse not. Liz did however vote yes to Proposition 8. So I guess she doesn’t think that you (or anyone else that is homosexual, or maybe even bisexual) deserve to have love in your life, or a relationship or marriage or children. That sounds pretty homophobic to me. I mean, she actually tried to take that right away from them. She wanted to stop gay marriage completely. She might not “hate gay people” but she is definitely homophobic.  

    • Steve Gray says:

      darling, i do not think gay rights should be attached to marriage we just deserve the same rights as everyone else, and i have posted many stories on how this support to overthrow prop 8 is a fucking huge waste of resources and time should be spent on many things.
      as all christians do not think the same, nor do all gay people. 

      • musicfan says:

        Steve, I really don’t think Tommy is a horrible person for accepting gifts from fans, at all. This happens to musicians ALL THE TIME. What is he supposed to do, reject them? How would he even do that? They’re sent to him.  I think Tommy is basically a good & loyal friend to Adam, and tbh it upsets me to see people bashing him just as I am upset at people bashing Adam. Adam obviously treasures his friendship and trusts him. That says a lot to me. I won’t blame Tommy for the idiotic crazy fans, that’s not fair.
        There is one fan in particular that I know sends him many many gifts… she’s a married woman & follows Tommy all over the place. I do not understand that one… she definitely isn’t right.  I’ve unfollowed her a while ago. I don’t blame Tommy for his fans’ craziness.  That’s like blaming Adam for HIS fans’ craziness … crazy is as crazy does.
        Also, I do understand being raised in a Christian home, and while we never “bashed” gays, there just was no understanding or compassion – we didn’t know anyone who was gay, to be honest. I was completely in that same (ignorant) mindset until summer of 2009 – when I finally “GOT IT” and understood and my whole view of gay marriage changed – this is all because of Adam.  It wasn’t until I really cared about someone who was gay that I understood it.  Before that, I just thought “why would they want to get married?” and had been taught it was unnatural & disgusting to be gay.  So there’s a LOT of ignorance to be overcome, a lot of pre-conceived ideas & basically people just need to be educated.  I think perhaps the more time Liz spends with Tommy, she’ll open her mind more as well. Hopefully.  I don’t believe she is being mean, she’s just been taught certain things, and it really takes a lot to break down those barriers … I know this.  My son has gotten me to re-think a lot of things about my religion, to the point where I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I certainly don’t believe the way I used to, the way I was raised. I know that just Adam being himself, being visible, is certainly saying a LOT and helping many people overcome (right word?) their prejudiced & homophobic ideas.  I am grateful for him for opening my eyes.  He certainly is a very special person.  The world could use a LOT more people like Adam in it!

        • Steve Gray says:


        • musicfan says:

          also I just wanted to add that Tommy never ASKED for any gifts.  Unlike a couple of the other band members (that are no longer with Adam, fortunately). 
          Neil accepted (and even ASKED FOR) gifts from fans… and got it! Remember that keyboard?
          I personally never contributed funds to any of the band members for anything. If I had money, I may have wanted to contribute to sending a gift to Tommy back in 2009-2010 when that guy (what was his name? the one that did the live streams?) he was the one who said Tommy needed a new laptop & then fans sent him money to get one. That’s not Tommy’s fault at all, and I find nothing wrong with him accepting it. I always feel like he is a little lost puppy that needs to be taken care of, for some reason… I think a lot of people feel that way about him. Just like how he lost his passport, like a little kid.  lol  *shrugs* I think he’s cute and he makes me laugh.  Like when Adam patted his back the other day & he shook his foot like a dog, lol! He’s cute & funny.

  • Daisy says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Magsmagenta, you think Tommy is very pretty to look at; but, unfortunately, not everyone will agree with you. Personally, I don’t think he is good looking, and I never find him attractive.

    Also, Adam has the most amazing stage presence and charisma. When he is on stage, my eyes are on him only. I don’t care about any stage chemistry between Adam and any of his band members. I know there are millions of Adam fans who are just like me: our eyes and ears are all on Adam when he is on stage.

    Adam is a soloist. And he is the one who carries the show. 

  • magsmagenta says:

    Also to say that Tommy has no stage presence or charisma is very wrong because he does have those in spades, he’s also very pretty to look at, and there is a definite on stage chemistry between him and Adam, even if it doesn’t extend to a relationship.
    If this wasn’t true then we would never have this problem in the first place.
    The problem is that some people have difficulty distinguishing between this and Adam and Tommys private life.  
    I’m sure they must be the same sort of people who believe that soap operas are real life.

  • magsmagenta says:

    You could not be more inaccurate and unfair if you tried, it makes me think that you don’t really know anything about Adam or his fans at all, you’re just repeating misinformation that Adams haters like to spread about us in comments sections.
    The Cray sections of the fandom who do the things that you describe are very small but are noticeable because they are very vocal and Tweet Tommy in particular constantly and relentlessly, and also other people connected to Adam such as his Father who I’ve seen replying to LLA more than once after she’s sent him some sycophantic Tweet about how clever he is. He obviously doesn’t follow her tweets closely otherwise he’d know that she calls his son a liar every day, but this will obviously encourage her to think that she is ‘friends’ with him.
    One thing is certain is that the VERY SMALL group of people who do this are not Adams or Tommys fans, they are fans of some fictional characters they have invented based around the persona’s of Adam and Tommy, who bear no resemblance to the REAL Adam and Tommy at all. In fact the people they have invented are the exact opposite of everything the real Adam and Tommy stand for and the majority of people who are fans of the real Adam such as myself would not respect this fake fantasy Adam and Tommy at all, because the whole appeal of Adam as a person and a role model is based on Adams openness about who he is.
    The Real Adam would never have a beard to distract from his real relationship, and the Real Tommy would never pretend to be straight when he is gay. That is the real insult to them all, and a real insult to Adam and Tommys work for LGBT equality.

    • Steve Gray says:

      Mags, you are ignoring Tommy’s tweets to many of the Crays, Tommy only denying their fantasy once, and Tommy taking money and gifts from fans.  If he didn’t do all those things he maybe the person you reckon heis.  But he has done all those things, so wake up love.  he is not great, nor innocent in this 

  • Gerry says:

    SusanneAHHH , You nailed it, you described these same women who show up to every gig of Adam’s to a “T”! “Older white women who are all hear for self absorbed reasons and HannaBec is a prime example of that! I was watching Adam videos of him performing his new songs and came across a bunch of bs flailing over this Tommy who plays guitar and some pointing out correctly how he has absolute NO stage presence and seems like he just strums a few chords mechanicly to the songs looking lmiserable, but who comes along? Hannabec lashing out on everyone who isn’t praising or gushing over Tommy, not one word from her on Adam’s music or performance, it is embarrassing and I am not sure why Adam’s label isn’t taking control of the situation, these women who only want the band to play with them are an embarrassment to Adam! Why are they even commenting on Adam’s videos? They obviously care nothing about him! But of course they are there to gush over Tommy yawning on stage, talk about SHE! Adam needs to realize you don’t hire “friends” because you want to help them out when you are trying to build your career! If Tommy was talented it would be different, but he in no way has the ability to play along the amazing talent of Adam! That is a fact! These cray need to go, if getting rid of Tommy is the way to get rid of them, then it needs to be done!

    • magsmagenta says:

      Adam does not need to get rid of Tommy, that would not help the situation at all. All that would happen is that the Crays would invent some reason that this is further ‘proof’ of their theories.
      Physical distance between Adam and Tommy is no barrier to these deluded people because believe it or not there are still some Kradam fans who still believe that Adam is having a relationship with Kris Allen, despite the fact that the two of them have hardly spoken for a couple of years now. So how physically separating them help?
      Besides why should Adam have to give up his friend just because of a few crazy people? Tommy has stood by him when others would have left, or worse taken the opportunity to beat him down especially after the AMAs.
      I don’t think he’s the greatest guitar player or bassist in the world but he’s a serviceable musician who can play different instruments if needed. And he’s loyal to Adam.
      I agree that the people close to Adam need to pay more attention to who they are replying to on Twitter because every time one of the Crays gets replied to they take it as further evidence that they are right. When in fact all it means it that people are not paying attention to who they are replying to.

  • SusanneAhhh says:

    Quote: “TJ needs to not respond to the total nutso ones”
    Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. In fact, the people you mentioned received personalized “happy birthday” shout-outs from Tommy on Twitter. One can assume that is in reciprocation for the sending of money and/or expensive gifts to his P.O. Box.
    I long for Adam to dramatically increase and diversify his fanbase.  The unstable and unsavory aspects will likely continue, but they’d be much less noticeable. Imagine concert audiences filled with a variety of people — not the same women who show up everywhere — all there to enjoy ADAM’s MUSIC and PERFORMANCES, not to fantasize about fictional band romances, not to buy their way into special contact with the band.  I guess this is Adam’s burden to shake: Being on American Idol drew all these older white-bread women to him, women who really don’t know much about or appreciate music… they’re in Adam’s fanbase for other self-absorbed reasons.

    • Daisy says:

      Adam’s fanbase is very diverse: women, men, older fans, young fans (especially in Asia), fans of different nationalities and races and from all walks of life.

    • musicfan says:

      well your opinion’s not biased at all – NOT.  Who do you think YOU are judging people like that? I happen to know a LOT more about music than a lot of people, I’m a white woman in her 40’s who has enjoyed Idol since it’s been on the air. Adam Lambert is my favorite artist ever and he is amazing and he has changed my life, opened my mind to many things including gay rights (I never knew or cared for anyone gay before Adam & just him being himself opened my mind) … and I support Adam’s relationship 1000% with Sauli. I adore Adam & I’m thrilled to death that he’s in love with someone who inspires him & grounds him and they seem to be made for each other.  I am in Adam’s fanbase because Adam is a fantastic singer, artist, performer who constantly amazes & surprises me, he’s interesting and special and emanates light & love & positivity, his voice is crazy good & his shows are fantastic & entertaining. No other artist has brought me this much joy ever before. Also, in 2009 – Adam somehow made me come alive again… made me start enjoying life, made me want to be a better person.  I know a LOT of people he’s had this effect on.  Also, when I went to GNT, I met tons of other fans from 15 years old, to 22 years old, to 80 years old, and they ALL are captivated by Adam Lambert. 
      NGL tho… I looked forward to Fever & “the kiss” …. that was hot.  Before 2009, I didn’t think 2 men kissing was hot.  The AMA’s changed THAT! 
      Also, I met Liz too – she was the sweetest girl ever. She was concerned about the fans outside getting wet in the rain. She talked to all the fans & had cards that she’d signed & passed them out. I didn’t know she & Tommy were together until last year right before Brooke’s wedding.  I’d heard they might be previously, but never knew for sure.  I think they make a cute couple (but I’m also confused how they get along when Tommy is an atheist & she’s a Christian). Anyway… I’m happy for them just as I’m happy for Adam & Sauli.  But I’m ALWAYS here for Adam & Adam only. 
      Tommy does need to address that crazy LLA & the other crays… they’ve clearly gone too far.

  • magsmagenta says:

    You’re banging your head against a brick wall, even if there was a sex tape between Adam and Sauli, and one between Tommy and Liz, they would still say it was all faked, in fact if Adam was fucking Sauli right in front of their eyes it wouldn’t make any difference.

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