MEET – Parrot The Dog Killed By Cops.


The dog was named Parrot. This was taken moments before Parrot was murdered by the cop. The cop drove his knee into the middle of Parrot’s back while stretching Parrot’s forelegs behind him, as one would do with an armed criminal. Without waiting to determine whether this technique would calm Parrot, the cop grabbed Parrot, lifted him off the ground, and brought him to the top of the concrete staircase. He threw Parrot over the banister, down twelve steps, and onto the concrete floor. Then, the cop stood at the top of the stairs, drew his weapon, and executed Parrot. Aaron, the animal’s owner, cannot recall the number of shots fired. Witnesses state that Parrot was not harming anybody and was simply frightened by the cop.

UPDATE – Last Sunday afternoon, Aaron Block brought his two-year-old Pit bull mix to the Adam Morgan Festival in Washington,DC; a family oriented street festival celebrating the area neighborhoods, artisans, street vendors, and businesses. As Block walked up 18th Street with his rescue dog Parrot, Sheila Martins and her Bichon-poodle mix walked by, Parrot attacked the smaller dog. Block was able to separate the dogs and was subduing Parrot when the police arrived.

The story now takes on two conflicting sides.

According to Block, Parrot was calming down when the policeman came over, grabbed the dog and threw the dog over the steps. The dog was getting up, and the officer shot him. He’s a ” very people-friendly dog with absolutely no bite history,” stated Block about the dog he was fostering from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

Officer Scott Fike, a 25 year veteran fired one shot at Parrot killing the dog and claimed the dog started running at him to attack. Jacob Kishter, commander backed up the officer’s story. Police witness Tony DePass, a former DC police officer also stated the dog was charging.

Now according to multiple eyewitnesses, ” Parrot had already been subdued and was being held securely by his foster Aaron Block, when the police arrived on the scene; Parrot was not ‘out of control.’ Lucky Dog Animal Rescue states the dog did not charge officers either. ” The dog was just getting to his feet when the officer drew his gun and opened fire without provocation.” Eyewitness, Jennifer Naideth, a festival participant supported Block’s story, and called the dog killing ” so unnecessary and so violent.”

141 Responses to MEET – Parrot The Dog Killed By Cops.

  • Nanette Valencia says:

    My heart breaks for this poor dog, he didn’t have a chance. That cop is a Nazi

  • lucy says:

    Not a good idea to let all peace officers have guns.  It’s time we considered alternatives to weapons designed to kill.  Would you trust this police officer in your neighborhood?  What if he THINKS your kid has a gun?  Then it’s ok to kill?  Or maybe he will say he was just trying to ‘disable’ your kid.   I am not comfortable with the number of officers who carry lethal weapons.  I am also uncomfortable with the ease I can own a gun.

  • stephanie says:
  • Endre Persson says:

    If Partot was my dog I would not rest until that police officer was fired and put to jail. I just hare cruelty to animals!

  • kurmat says:
  • moi says:

    people its fucking shit on the oal planeet fucking shit people but really shit

  • Alexis Preisser says:

    Why is this murderer still an  officer?  He is a psycopath and should be terminated.  This is a sick, disgusting display of stupid, imbecilic macho violence.

  • Lesia says:

    You piece of shit.  Just trying to be tough.  Must have been picked on in grade school/high school and that’s why you became a cop so that you could beat up on harmless animals.  No one was impressed.  If I could I would beat the shit out of you.   No one was impressed by you. Hope you rot in hell.  I hope you lose your job, and you have no friends left. This just angers me so much.

  • brooklynjo says:

    My initial reaction to this public display of torture and murder was visceral and I felt so sickened and threatened by this individual that I woke up trying to express my outrage and what I surmise others are feeling over the brutality displayed by this person. This is a frightening example of the criminal mentality today that is wearing a police uniform and legally carries a weapon. HE is the one protected by our legal system while he abuses the people he is sworn to protect.
    If anyone else had been displaying the kind of violence toward an animal or other human that he was guilty of, the crowd would have been praised for stepping in and stopping his aberrant behavior. Because he had a uniform and a gun the community was intimidated into watching helplessly while he tortured and killed an animal that could not defend itself. He treated that dog like a rodeo kill. He mentally abused and bullied the people around him into submission. He must have felt very powerful that day.
    This individual’s service record needs to be checked for similar brutality against anyone he has arrested and he needs to be psychologically evaluated. He makes the streets unsafe for people and animals alike. He is a disgrace to the uniform of a police officer. It is also frightening that he can depend on his fellow officers and public officials to support his activities and rationalize his criminal behavior – the streets truly are not safe. No one with a shred of sanity can justify this kind of violence. Anyone who wears a police uniform must be capable of common sense and have a healthy psychological profile. 

  • ju says:

    you piece of SHIT, just a dog huh? that dog and any animals life is worth more than yours you piece of shit

  • White says:

    It’s a dog fuck off you are all a bunch of morons. I would kill the dog to if I felt threatened. It’s just a dog there is tons out there try a shelter maybe rescue one you hippies. Save the planet save a dog  

    • brooklynjo says:

      get an education.  Develope your sense of humanity – clearly you have lost it a long time ago.  are you one of this cop’s buddies writing to defend him?

    • Kate says:

      Interesting tidbit: Parrot WAS a shelter dog. He was just being fostered by Aaron Block until someone adopted him.

      • Deanna says:

        It doesn’t matter if he was a “SHELTER” dog or a “FOSTER DOG”   YOU are just a human but it doesn’t mean that YOU are HUMANE. He was loved & was loving. No matter what, someone should not be able to grab your dog & kill it, if another animal attacks your dog, why should yours be killed? This cop was out of line, & I hope to GOD, that he lost his job, over the abuse of his “POWER”, chances are if he did this to a dog he has done just as bad to people.

    • Nick says:

      So what you are implying, “a dog getting up” is threatening to you? Let me break this down to you in terms that you may better understand (I’m just letting you know, I may be using big words but you can look them up online later).  Lets apply the same concept with different subjects.  Let say you and your childhood friend..we will call jeff…were walking to play some basketball and Jeff sees a cop and decides to yell out, “HEY PIG.”  Then the cop chases after your friend jeff, subdues jeff, picks jeff up and throws jeff down the stairs and just as Jeff is getting up, the cop fatally shoots him..because jeff seemed like a threat because he was yelling at the cop.  Jeff, like the dog, didn’t actively pursue the cop but he was shot anyways because “he looked threatning.”  Is that right? Should the cop walk away free? Whats the big idea anyways, jeff was just another human and there are billions out there.  “Save the planet, save a human” as you would say.  So before your start labeling people as “morons” you need to step out that little box so you have more room to think.  Apparently, your thought process is restricted to that little box, and how small that box is, is really starting to show. 

  • BobbyZ says:

     You come anywhere near my dog and I’ll shoot you before you can breathe.

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