‘Torchwood’ Season 5 Back January 2012?



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  • Edie says:

    Miracle Day was a well written and produced show, that said I would rather they go back to the original format because it was stronger. I just never warmed up to the Rex character and could live quite happily never seeing him again. The final lines from Miracle Day however set up the next chapter of Torchwood. While I prefer the UK version, I’ll take what I can get.

  • Craig Young says:

    Okay- I liked the fact that Jack obviously hasn’t got over Ianto’s death yet (kudos to the Barrowperson for his nuanced performance). I liked Rex Matheson as a character, but for me, the problem is Gwen. She was originally the audience identification figure, but she’s now too experienced as a Torchwood operative to undertake that role. As well as that, she’s survived for too long. Why doesn’t Torchwood do a real game changer like Being Human and Misfits just have, and kill off a core character/s- eg Gwen?

  • Amethyst says:

    Really? Why do you guys hate America so much? What did we do? I live Torchwood an Doctor Who, and so does my sister and about 15 of my friends plus the entire 12th grade of my school is OBSESSED with Torchwood so thtstorable up to about 500 kids just in my high school. And you know what the stupidest thing that I read was? Most of the people who hate America arefawning over Jack….. WHO’S AMERICAN!

  • Shawn S. says:

    Hey its a TV show calm down. If there is a 5 season you may be surprised how they resolve all your concerns.

  • Lynda says:

    I watched most of Miracle Day,and I got bored by it, as far as I’m concernd they have wrecked the Show, It’s now far too negative. I miss Ianto,Tosh and Owen, I’d like too see the bloke that plays Gwens Husband in the Show more,I think he’s good and prehaps James Marsters back in the story permanately, they could really develope some good storylines with his character. What do thinks guys and girls?

  • dcr0 says:

    I just got to say that I love the show in everyway but it is a bit childish and was even more before miracle day. Some crazy and fun stuff to watch though but it gets unbelievable the way they do things. I can even get over that and I am sure you will all hate me after this but I can not stand Gwen Cooper, she gets on my nerves so bad. It seems to me that her character was created to whine and cry because that is all she does. Most of the time she has no good reason to do it either.  Funny thing is the one episode when she had real cause to cry and whine (when she was pregnant with a flesh eating shape shifters baby) that is the calmest you see her character portrayed. I am soory if the makes someone mad but I just needed to vent that. Regardless I love the3 show and the stories mostly,escept for a couple of really really sad episodes in series 2 I thinks its fantastic..

    • Sam says:

      I totally agree with you. I never liked Gwen. She would wine way to much. I actually liked Suzie more and she tried to kill Jack! lol

    • Tina says:

      THANK YOU!!! I totally agree! Gwen was a sad little character who was too Jack obsessed. I really wish they had gotten rid of Gwen instead of Ianto. When the new title was announced, “Miracle Day” I was hoping that the miracle would be the “powers that be” getting their heads on straight, and finding a way to bring Ianto back. Is it wrong that I am still hoping / wishing / praying for it to happen?

  • Adwoa Moon says:

    I notice that nobody is complaining about bringing Rose back I would love it. She made her one mistake I’m sure she gets it now & will not do that again. But the vomit and the crying about Rex… I can only say you must be Star Wars Fans. This is why I liked Star Trek it was multicultural and the world survived in the future. Opposed to just one black man out of how many Star Wars & No Women for them to Procreate with. HAHAHAHA. Making Captain Jack a Bi-sexual after living how many decades upon decadws makes it multifaceted. I BELIEVE THE ACTOR THAT PLAYED REX DID A GREAT JOB. Now on the other hand Bill Pullman playing a bad Guy I could not buy it but, I will give him an E for effort. As far as Government people go I would like to see one or both of the Actresses come back that were at the end of the Children of Earth especiall the one wearing the contact lenses, to keep those ‘lets vote to give them the children cowards and kill the good guy’ men in line. Also Lois {Ms. Jumbo}would be a good addition also interating part time since she saved Torchwood & those of you who squirmed in your chairs feeling a bit uneasy about the way Rose was looking at Res & the interacton between Rex and Vera…. Hmmm I bet you were happy she burned in the oven… Come on get a grip… Torchwood & the Movie 2012 & as far back as Star Trek, are trying to give you a wake up call [that life imitating art & art imitating life old saying WAKE UP]. If we are going to save this planet and our selves we have to work together. I LOVE TORCHWOOD. I wish the Asian guy ad not thrown himself off the building he was kinda cute. As i thought so was Dr. Owen. If you reall want them back they could both have twin sibilings in the world of movie magic it could happen only these two would have that love hate relationship, good friction. i may be pushing the wrong buttons here but, the objection to Rex, the way it was expressed seems a bit racist to me… THAT’S SO SCARY. One More thing if they are not going to bring Ernie Hudson Back Please Bring the African Actor back Representing the Miltary back, the one Speaking directly to the 456 in the end of Children of Earth, I have a feeling about him…

  • candice says:

    I think its hilarious how everyone is all ” Ugh they Americanized the show and now it sucks ”  You guys are retarded. If anyone is to blame for the show downfalling its RTD and whether it was filmed in Wales or LA it was still the same rocket scientist behind it as it’s always been. I Love Torchwood and I am glad it got the opportunity to get some big name actors and some more recognition as a TV series. NO it is not the same without Tosh and Owen and Ianto BUT it was still a GREAT show ! Stop bitching about it just because there were some american actors and it was filmed in the states, under a better production company with a bigger budget. 

  • hobbit says:


  • Lionel Bihm says:

    I am a big Torchwood fan and I actually got Starz just to watch the new season of the show.  Miracle Day was a fun season, but I do have to say I prefer seasons past when Torchwood was in its Prime in Cardiff with all of the team in tact. 

    • Katherine says:

      I’m right with you.  I miss the old Torchwood.  The new one was a little more polished but lacked the comraderie of the Cardiff groupl

    • Sam says:

      I’m with you also. The old Torchwood team had connections. They all loved each other like family and now it’s gone. I miss Ianto, Owen, and Tosh.

  • Michayla says:

    HEY HEY. We have to remember (for all those who watched the Doctor Who episodes that made Torchwood branch off) Jack Harkness is NOT, in all technicality, immortal. Remember in the 3rd-ish series (can’t remember which exactly) when Rose looked into the heart of the TARDIS and brought back that ship full of thousands of races back to life? Well later on we learn that Jack is the Face of Beau. With that, a later episode reveals that, after the Doctor talks to the Face of Beau, aka Jack, the FoB dies, Jack is actually NOT immortal. He simply lives an extended life. Also, being NEARLY immortal helps him “regenerate” in a fashion where he grows his parts back and his body auto-heals, so to speak. So all in all, Jack DOES die in the future. Even if it is the VERY VERY FAR future, he still dies permanently. (Season 3 Gridlock)

    • SomeRandomGuy says:

      That happened in the first season -_- and it was never CONFIRMED that jack is the face of bo, it is just hinted at, the writers never confirmed anything.

  • Chris says:

    I really like the way that gay men (ie:  Jack-John Barrowman) are finally starting to appear on TV that are not the sterio typical lisping effeminate types.  Everyone in this world has a place and we are who we are… It’s just refreshing to have a gay action hero rather than a hairdresser or florist,  that’s all I’m saying… 

    • Steve Gray says:

      capy jack is not gay, he will fuck anything and anyone. and there are many different types of homos dude.

      • Jamee says:

        Well, actually John Barrowman is gay, it’s the caracter Jack Harkness that is bi. But on the other hand Barrowman is as gay as they get if you ask me. He can be such a drama queen in some of his intervjues. But it really is entertaining so I’m not complaining. =)

        • Steve Gray says:

          we were talking about the sexuality of capt jack, not john jamee. and jack is actually omnisexual, as in he will fuck anything that moves x

          • elisha says:

            really anything i remember one of the early episodes he was in, when they were stuck on the satlite and he was on the dressing game show flirting with the robots XD…i miss the light hearted jack he seems so serious now jack in dr, who and jack on torchwood to totally polar opposite personalities for the most part.

  • Shawn R says:

    What is so wrong with America? Sounds to me like you all just want something to bitch about. 

  • Jonathan says:

    Excuse me JP but we are discussing our opinions on a TV show, not on each other.

    Just calm down and write something constructive or don’t bother writing anything at all!

  • jp says:

    Really? ur that up tight about rex being immortal and  the series playing out in the USA?wow, guess thats why ur not writers eh?
    Life doesnt revovle around britain for one and for 2, they needed a good spin to end the season.Hell for all we know they’ll drag rex into the doctor who series cause of this.That would be a different  pace and  shows more multicultural basis behind our  programming rather then just showing snub  brits, or dumb americans. Least it shows both. So if this show makes u vomit cause ur a fucking tard with no class, then so be it. dont watch it then.  Its better then u could ever  do!!!!!!

    • Brett says:

      Firstly: Rex (or whatever the actor’s name is) is just a bad actor…that’s it. Secondly: this show is called Torchwood…about a special agency set up under Queen Victoria, how much more British do you need? We never said the world revolved around Britain, but this show is a distinctly British program.  

      God forbid the Doctor ever has to put up with such a limited character as Rex, that would be a true travesty. Do I have to remind you how painful the explanation required for the panels under the bed was? Could you imagine having to explain the TARDIS to him or any other aspect of the Doctor’s world to him?

      BTW – the language you have used shows a distinct lack of class on your behalf. 

  • jeanie rose says:

    I just love this series. I like that Rex has Jacks blood so now there are two invincible people to help the series have more play and not have Jack have to carry the whole group. I like Rex’s can do personality too and having a two women who know their stuff.
    Lets bring back the blond as a surprise, so no one will miss her, and have it play as though it was a cover up so  after the funeral she is at the new Torchwood waiting for everyone to return from her funeral. That would be a nice touch!
    Of course we need a new love interest for Jack too and let Gwen’s husband be part of the group more. He is a very likeable character, after all he figured out about the poles; they should make him a more steady contributor to solving the new problems and possible have them realize he has talent they can use. Let him solve a couple more cases when the new season hopefully will air.
    We do need more fun stories though. I really did not like how they dragged this one story out through 10 shows. It was almost predictable by the end. WE need more surprises like the first 3 seasons and with the new team solving more problems and ending them per episode. I like a case solved and a new one beginning for us to come back for more next episode and please if you are going to stop the show at least have a good exit. There were so many good series out there that were hurt because of the writers strikes and economy. Hell have me write for the show if they walk. They don’t realize how good they have it. I was out of work for two years so I know!! Good show –  keep it going PLEASE!!

  • T says:

    Can’t wait for the new season of TORCHWOOD. I hope they bring Esther back she is a great replacement for Tosh.

  • Jenn L says:

    I thought it was actually pretty cool that transfusing Jack’s blood into Rex has made him (at least temporarily) immortal. I do suspect it will be  only temporary, though, as Rex’ body produces more of his own, mortal, blood and Jack’s is eventually purged.
    I’m also curious about Esther. Did she truly die or was that funeral a way of getting her off-grid so she could continue on with Torchwood, especially considering that at the time of the funeral, Torchwood still didn’t know the identity of the Families mole in the CIA?
    Torchwood needs more staff. Esther’s a good hacker and has proven to be able to resist Retcon, so if she’s not already dead, she needs to either join up or be eliminated. She’d make a decent replacement for Tosh. Rex is even more of a liability if he doesn’t join the team, especially now that he shares Jack’s immortality. They still need someone with a medical background. It’s a shame that Vera was burned, I would have liked to see her as part of the team as well.

    • Kerri says:

      I completely agree with you about everything you said. They should totally bring Ester back, and I think Rex being immortal in only going to last a little while. But, I do hope at some point they return to the style of the first two seasons. 

  • Carolina says:

    When start Torchwood season 5

  • Jamee says:

    Seriously?! What is with you people? Immortal Rex makes you want to vomit? Makes you want to cry? I, personally, thinks it makes perfect sense AND it’s a good twist that would make people want to see more. I could agree that maybe Jack and Gwen should go back to the UK and leave Rex in America, but maybe he could start his own Torhwood there? Maybe work with UNIT? And make an odd appearance or two on the show. The possiblites are endless though. Two immortals are far better then one in the big scheme of things. He could be very useful.  Do you guys think of that? NO!! All i hear is negativity… And you call yourselvs fans of the show… YOU are the onse that make me want to cry and vomit.

    • Brett says:

      Correction…Rex continuing in the show makes me want to vomit. Make Gwen immortal and kill off Rex. 

    • Myka says:

      I’m with you Jamee, forget Torchwood in America, get Jack and Gwen back in the UK, leave Rex in the USA and lets get back to what Torchwood used to be!

  • Brett says:

    Please take it back to England…I don’t think I could stand another season in America, and I totally agree an immortal Rex makes me want to vomit. 

    • Jonathan says:

      I also agree with you mate! (Both of your statements!) There was absolutely no need to Americanise a good British show. A good example would be the TV Movie they made of Doctor Who in 1996.

      Secondly, they absolutely ruined the fact that Jack’s immortality came from the soul of the T.A.R.D.I.S. making him a “fixed point in time”. It had nothing to do with his blood! Grrr!

      A part of me believes Russell T Davis didn’t have a clue how to finish the series 

      • Jamee says:

        But it makes scense in the way that Mirecle day made Jack mortal, transfering his blood to Rex made Rex mortal because Jack’s blood was mortal and everything immortal became mortal when Mirecle day ended and everything mortal because immortal. Yes, jack is a fixed point, and yes, it was the TARDIS that changed him into it, but not the soul. It was the timewortex that Rose took into herslef. Completely different. The timewortex changed jack so he couldn’t die, changed his genetic makeup if i got the whole thing right. So it really does make sence. You guys in here are just too small minded to see it ;)

      • Chris says:

        His immortality didn’t come from the Tardis, it came from Rose. The immortality also had nothing to do with the blood. I don’t think you actually watched the show. You ever hear of foreshadowing? When they were talking about how the entity could have just reached out and saved Esther, they were spelling it out for you. The entity saved Rex because Rex and Jack saved it. He basically drew it in crayon for you and you missed it.

        • Steve Gray says:

          what the fuck chris? rose had looked into the tardis and had become it. of course it came from the tardis. did YOU actually watch the show. and of course rex got his immortality from jacks blood. there was no other way. wow it was really obvious and you got the wrong end of the stick. please do not breed, we would not want your stupidity to spread. 

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  • VenomRanger says:

    JACK will be BACK and will HACK and CRACK the BLACK TRACK with the LACK of ZACK and MACK. This is WHACK!

  • Nina says:

    Wait…What?! Where did you see it was Series 5? Sure it’s not just reruns of 4? I actually do want it back…without Rex though. Would be a shame if they let the show go out such a head shaking note. 

    • Steve Gray says:

      they played the jack back in january on the end of miracle day in oz, but there has been no official word yet. an immortal rex will make me fucking cry 

      • elfrik says:

        I would just like to say a few things here.
        First of all i have watched every Doctor Who and Torchwood series and they have ruined it by changing the concept and turning it more American.
        I am not anti American they make great shows i am a fan of a lot of them Scrubs, Big Bang, Sons of Anarchy and lots more but i would not want to see them made in a British way as it would change there ways and ruin them.
        this goes for Doctor Who and Torchwood the Series was at its best in Wales where it was a bigger Studio and more Money do not make it better they where good without them and don’t need them.
        As too the Immortality question Rose created the Immortality using the energy of the Tardis to create a Paradox within the essence of Jack and making him a fixed point in the Timeline meaning that he can Die but only if he chooses to and the crap with rex getting it from his Blood is just stupid the reason Jack is so special is that he is the only one if his Blood made people Immortal then somebody would use him as a Blood Donor and that would unravel the Timeline.

        • Pete says:

          I completely agree that Jack is immortal because of the Infusion of the Time Vortex into Rose, and her subsequent forced rebirth of Jack.  And I could not agree more that Jack should be the only one immortal on the show.  I also agree that making this show a big-budget film-type presentation was a complete mistake.  They should have left the show in the UK.  It isn’t like Starz doesn’t have studio availability or enough money to just outright buy a studio over there. 
          What I will say, however, is that mekhi phifer is an excellent actor.  He was acting with the lines he was given, and they made him too damn uptight and, for lack of a better word, STUPID.  Sure, his character is the gung-ho, military type character, with far too many personality issues and far too few manners and intelligence, but that is how he was written.  You should watch some of his 23 movies or 17 television appearances to get a true idea of his acting abilities before you down him altogether as an actor.

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