Closet Case Jim Parsons Will Play Gay On Stage – But Not Life.

What I mean he is not open in his life. And how bizarre he is doing Larry Kramers’ ‘The Normal Heart’ on Broadway. A great, classic piece, but kramer is so political and active for gay rights. Ama little surprised he used him. Am sure if he had a choice he may have gobe another way. And not used a big chicken closet case in such an important piece.

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  • Zap says:

    It always confuses me why there is an assumption that if a person is gay that they are obligated to display it for the rest of the world to see.
    Who does a person’s sexuality and intimacy belong to? The person, or their audience? Rhetorical question I guess.

    • Steve Gray says:

      What annoys me is the glass closet mentality.  they are openly happily gay except for when talking about it.  as you know, the het performers never shut up about children, partners, love etc, it is rammed down our throat, the ‘het way is the only way’, and we never get this from gay stars as they are ‘in the closet’ they choose to stay in.  i suppose my question is why are thery not out? why can they not talk about THEIR love, lives, happiness, why do we never get to see this side of gay stars, and why are they told to stay closeted?
      love ya babe  

  • JustMe says:

    I love him on The Big Bang Theory, really he’s brilliant, but I am so disappointed by his apparent hypocrisy :(. I just read a recent interview with him and he said that doing TNH had “walloped” him as it portrayed the unjust ways in which the AIDS crisis has affected the homosexual community back in the 80s and also it coincided with NY authorities passing the bill giving the gays the right to marry. See, it was a perfect opportunity for him to say that it affected him so much, because he is a part of that community and now he can marry his lovely boyfriend, but of course he didn’t have the balls to do this. Really wonder how his boyfriend Todd feels about all this. Yes, he doesn’t look comfortable at all those award shows, so maybe it’s his wish to not do red carpets and PDAs, but I am sure he wouldn’t mind a mention once in a while. I mean, how sad it was that when Jim won Golden Globe, the person who hugged Todd enthusiastically was not him, but his co-star Kunal Nayyar? It’s just really so disappointing. Parsons seems like a likeable, decent guy. A hard-worker, who has achieved a huge professional success. He is in what appears to be a happy, stable, long-term relationship. He doesn’t do drugs and doesn’t sleep around. He could have been another great example, another antithesis of all those hurtful, unjust stereotypes about gays. If only he was willing to.

  • TheTruth says:

    And I will say that it’s the height of hypocritical BS to appear in the Normal Heart, yet sit in front of your lover at an awards show so the camera doesn’t pick him up, as this guy recently did. 

  • TheTruth says:

    David and Katie are the reason that things improve so slowly for gay people in this society. Always making excuses for closeted cowards. He chooses to be closeted because it pays better. That’s absurd because it perpetuates the closeted society by giving a greater value to hiding than to being lout and proud. some of us don’t hide our partners in the shadows because our love for them is greater than our greed. Stop making excuses for him…you may not think you’re homophobes, but you are.

  • David F says:

    It’s a little bit weird to see someone believe that you must fill some sort of ‘art imitates life’ criteria in order to live your life. Jim is highly regarded on Broadway and that is all that should stand, not his want to keep a private life private. Straight culture isn’t rammed down throats, it’s always there. It’s like saying air is rammed down our throats. Is every gay person in the closet a ‘chicken case’ Steve? I came out recently and was praised for bravery, but that’s not to say I wanted to do it at the time I did it. Jim has every entitlement to keep what he wants to himself and his partner. I think you should really be praising him for returning to his first love (the stage) and his Emmy/Golden Globe performances on TBBT rather than criticising his decision to go against what is the norm in Hollywood and keep himself to himself. Good on you Jim.

  • Katie says:

    What business of it is yours if he is gay? Everyone is entitled to have their privacy, and Jim strikes me as a person who doesn’t want the public to be involved in his personal life. I think that’s a very smart idea of him when you consider just how difficult it can be to have a relationship with someone in the public eye, straight or gay! My advice? Leave Jim alone. How would you like it if someone demanded that you share the details of your personal life? And why should gay people in the public eye even feel like they have to publically come out? You want equality? How about feeling equal enough that you can be engaged to someone of the same sex without feeling like you have to announce it to the entire world in order to make a statement? Gay people are just as entitled to have their private lives as much as any straight person.

    • Steve Gray says:

      because all we get is straight life rammed down our throata endlessly. why does jim not live his life out and proud? america is at war with gay people at the moment and people like you who think gay people should stay in the closet are not helping.  visibility at all costs.  and in the entertainment industry all they do is talk about their private lives, on and on and on and one more person out of the closet may make a christian in buttfuck nebraska realize it is evertywhere and normal. thanks for playing

  • mia says:

    what are you talking about? he’s openly gay in real life, he’s said before he’s engaged to an art director guy.

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