More Evidence Paul Holmes Is A Total Joke.

If anymore was even needed. These are quotes from the broadcasters’ ‘Herald On Sunday’ column about Julian Assange.

I suppose they’ll kill him. Julian Assange. I would if I were them, all those intelligence organisations and secret boys who find themselves at the mercy of a lone operator becoming a world folk hero among the cyber hoodlums.

The old drunk has read waaaay too much John Le Carre. And if he had actually read any of the cables he would know ‘they’ are all fucking useless.

He’s a funny looking bloke, Julian Assange, and he has a rather flash surname for a bloke who grew up in Townsville. He has a strange baby face. And he’s just hacked into a quarter of a million secret cables.

WTF?? He sounds like an inbreed moron jealous of a ‘flashy name’. And he hacked nothing ya dumb cunt. God keep up old man. Does Holmes have a computer? Did he check any of the crap the paper prints in his name?

I mean, I don’t really know why anyone is so upset with the revelations so far. It’s just flash gossip.

Um, no. Not true. Moron. Paul, what is the difference between P and Cocaine? Now that is flash gossip…..

What he and his cohorts have done is steal a quarter of a million secret files and cables in which officials and diplomats speak more than frankly about each other and those people don’t like that stuff getting out.

No, they haven’t.

But he was a national of the country he offended. Assange has upset the entire world. They’ll all soon be scrapping over him.

Offended? God, you out of touch plonker.

Give up, Holmes.
You are living in a world of ignorance and stupidity. And we have moved on. But not you, ya dumb cunt.

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