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Perrin-Whitt high school math teacher Kimme Woolf may have taught a pair of teenagers a useful lesson, but not in the classroom. The 29-year old showed a lamentable lack of restraint by relenting to a 16 and 18-year old’s repeated advances, then failed to take advantage when their parents gave her a chance to escape with her dignity in this week’s Weird Teacher Watch…

Woolf, who had been teaching at the Perrin, Texas school since 2006, demonstrated that with enough persistence a “no” can be turned into a “yes,” a demonstrable threat to the sanity of any woman these two teens encounter in the future. Apparently the the teens approached Woolf repeatedly asking her for sex. (Considering what a soft touch she was, they should have pressured her for money, too.)

They told her they’d heard she’d left Mineral Wells High School (her job in 2005-6) because she fooled around with students, and offered their services. Eventually, Woolf allegedly gave in, and met the two on a gravel road, where she gave them both hummers. The taste of forbidden fruit must have been scrumptious to her, because she met the 18-year old two more times for sex in October. This would ultimately prove her downfall.

Seems the teens were neighbors and the father of the 16-year old saw the teacher leaving the 18-year old’s house on a school day after her car had been there for several hours. When the 18-year old’s mother returned (we’re assuming it’s a single-parent family) he told her what he’d seen. She informed him that she’d seen text messages on her son’s phone and that it “was obvious [the boys] had been having sex with Kimme Woolf, the math teacher at Perrin High School.”

At first they had the 16-year old send a text message to her demanding she resign. When that didn’t work they sent a letter, again demanding her resignation. Woolf just didn’t know when to say “yes.” Though she begged the 16-year old’s father not to turn her in and told him that she’d already submitted her resignation, they soon discovered she was still at the school, and met with the school’s principal. Within 24 hours Child Protective Services had been called in.

Within a few days the Sheriff was involved and discovered that Woolf had indeed left Mineral Wells when similar allegations had surfaced, though nothing formal was ever submitted. (Hence, the lack of a paper trail, and her ease getting a new position.) Woolf faces one charge of sexual assault and two charges of improper relationship between educator and student, both second-degree felonies which may be punishable by imprisonment of not more than 20 years or less than two years and by a fine not to exceed $10,000.

While Woolf might be an expert on whether two in the hand is as good as one in the bush, she clearly lacked enough understanding of orientations to know when the jig is up.

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