So, Joel Monaghan……Think You Can Bounce Back From This Puppy?????

So, what is the best way to destroy your reputation and career? Get a dog to suck you off and then post it on Twitter. Well, Joel Monaghan from the Canberra Raiders, you are a total fucking idiot. Click to see more……IF YOU DARE. (Yes, it’s the actual photo!)

UPDATE: We’ve got more on the story here


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71 Responses to So, Joel Monaghan……Think You Can Bounce Back From This Puppy?????

  • Bill Nickels says:

    You have all tried Bestiality at one point in your lives,
    Everyone here has in one way or another played with a dogs dick,
    Or let a dog, or calf lick them, or played with a horse’s wiener.
    Jeez, the oldest cave paintings in the world show images of a guy penetrating a horse.
    Leave the guy alone, it’s all in good fun and experimentation.
    To those who say, “animals have no choice or consent”
    Look at the picture, if the k9 didn’t want to lick his penis, he wouldn’t.
    Quit fooling to yourselves.

  • jesus says:

    yes it is sick !!!!! but hes a top player that plays for THE MIGHTY WIRE and its a shame hes not allowed in he NRL anymore

  • Nigel Slater says:

    Did he rub something tasty on first if so could you tell me what would it work with cats.

  • Tony Band says:

    Joel looks as if he’s really enjoying it, more than he would from a girl or guy!

  • Benji says:

    What’s everyone getting so hot under the collar for? We shouldn’t be going on about it, lets sleeping dogs lie.

  • Michael says:

    I hope this guy gets himself checked out by a very good doctor. Who knows what germs he picked up from the dog? I feel sorry for any woman who has sex with him or gives him head. His dick has actually been in a dog’s mouth. WTF?

    • Charlie says:

      He should be checked from getting germs from the dog??  Hell-someone should check the dog for HIS germs!!  Gotta admit, US scandals are boring.  Brett Favre flashing his junk?  That is nothing…this is real news.

  • lo gic says:

    whether or not he should lose his career over this blatantly stupid ass act (although its expected of someone who chases balls for a living) … I think its a f*&KING disgrace that he would lose his job over this and all the footballers who sexually harassed, assaulted, raped, gang raped, and those caught with drugs continue to have a career in football….. im an idiot so ill use a deduction from this incident to make an assumption about society … and that is that women have less value than dogs.
    in the end this only happened because according to sponsors if you rape a girl you can still be a hero to kids and be used to represent and help sell products but if you molest a dog (somehow) your not viable for advertising…..

  • Coll says:

    Who has NOT done something fucking stupid on a mad Monday. Dickhead? Certainly! Fucking Idiot? Unequivocally! Deserves to lose a career over it? Get fucking real! Let he who is wihthout balme……

    [No animals were hurt dusing the making of this movie!]

  • Luke says:

    Everyone should just calm the fuck down. He wasn’t hurting the dog and we all do stupid things when we’re drunk and showing off to friends. Some friend to take a pic and ruin the poor guy’s life. You still have my full support Joel! Fuck the sponsors who walked, if I had a team, you’d be on it mate!!

  • John Freeman says:

    Is anyone really surprised that a FOOTBALL PLAYER is caught doing such an act…? I sure as hell am not surprised. Footballers are all brainless idiots, their brains are incapable of much more than chasing a ball around and sticking their wang inside anything that moves.

    Speaking of which, judging from the images, he actually looks quite small down there… This forced sex act with a dog is probably the only attention he could get. Loser.

    And what a fucking pussy, he cried when he gave his speech of shame. Boo fucking hoo, you brainless buffoon. Not much of a man, bwahahaha.

    • Luke says:

      Mate your genitals comment makes YOU the pussy. Why are you looking at another man’s dick anyway?

    • tim Monaghan says:

      Hey mate you have to be one of the biggest fucken retated out there, footy players make shit load more money then what you do, not bad for runny chasing a ball hey. at the end of the day i know you wound do it anyone would if they had the chase. and i would have to agree with luke what r u fucken gay or something. grow up fuck head

  • Fucked says:

    thats  fucked up
    i wanted to see WTF this pic looked like and thats just FUCKED there is no way that he can go to eng and do fucken any thing !!!THAT IS FUCKED !!
    really fucked
    AUS NRL is fucked and im never going to watch it agin!Becoz of that shit!

  • Queen Solomon says:

    WTF!!!!!! now that puts a whole new twist to ‘doggy style’.
    Joel you sick sick little man, its so sad that you are such a desperate cunt who cant find even a desperate woman to suck your ginger cock that you have to take advantage of an innocent dog….. (a what) a dog YES A FUCKEN DOG YOU SICK CUNT!!!!! Lock him up and all those stupid cunts in the room.  Somebody needs to put their cock in your mouth to shut you up with your fake arse apology.  YES I DID GO THERE!!!!

  • thats what you get from Aussies.. if its not a sheep or kangaroo its the family pet. mans best friend. i hope that the RSPCA sues his ginga ass for all he has and locks him and his idiot mates up for a while and they can lick someone elses balls and will soon see how the dog felt. This is disgusting and upsetting.

    • Elliot says:

      I assume your accusation stating that the whole Australian public are animal molesters can be backed up by something more than small mindedness, I myself am Australian and found your comment ‘disgusting and upsetting.’ What he did was idiotic and unfair on the poor animal, yet i find you more offensive. So before making blanket statements in the future try using at least one of the two braincells you may be in possession of.

      • Shaun says:

        @Elliot lmao harden up princess; as an Aussie you know we are the first to pull the piss out of anything…. ANYTHING….. so piss off with your “disgusting and upsetting” mate…. lol @ Terina – that’s pretty funny….

        • Linda says:

          I happen to agree with Elliot, Terina shouldn’t put all us Aussies into the same basket because of the actions of a few.  There is no  doubt that what Joel did was disgusting, disgraceful and sick  but not all Aussies are that disturbed. The fact that he appears to be smiling and getting off on it tells me that he needs to get help to address his problems.

    • Luke says:

      Ur a biggoted fool. WTF do you know about Aussies? Get a life!

  • snubian says:

    There seems to be some debate over whether the act was consensual on the part of the dog. To paraphrase a certain judge from some years back, we all know that when a dog says “woof” sometimes she means “arf”.

  • Gale says:

    What infuriates me is how the SMH, the Canberra Raiders and pretty much everyone reporting and discussing this in the media keep referring to a ‘simulated’ act. Joel Monaghan has a choke hold on the poor dog’s collar and clearly has his genitals forced into the dog’s mouth! You can even see the poor dog straining to get away! How the hell is this simulated? Don’t you just love what responsible citizens all the other characters present are…sack the lot of them…if you can find out who they are…the sick cowards! And the dog should be given to a responsible owner who would defend them from this sort of thing.

  • How can this be a prank on a team mate who was absent?
    What if the dog had bitten, the dog thinking, Hmm, sausage, om nom nom nom”?

  • paul morcom says:

    O cum on, who hasn’t let a dog lick their stick at some stage? I bought a dog so my boys could enjoy the pleasure of dog ownership. Why the disgust? Perhaps anal intercourse with a dog may be taking it too far but oral is fine in fact most enjoyable.

  • the truth says:

    & that is why Australia has the highest rate of dog ownership in the world!

  • Bob Marley says:

    hey, everyone chill, the dog clearly wanted it. Maybe it was even the dog who initiated this and made the first move? who are we to stand in the way of true love. leave them be!

  • This is disgusting But why did his so called team mates take photos??????
    There all as sick as each other, they are in the public eye and are supposedto be role models for young up and coming footballers…….who’d want there sons and dogs subjected to this….
    Animal rights exsist joel, there are no words for people like you GROW UP!!! Football is better off without scum bags like YOU!

  • hat says:

    this is gross he must be a low liife
    just plain WRONG

  • JJ says:

    Where does the end of the dogs face end and his dick start 

  • Francis Daniels says:

    This guy is apparently sick! Sick!! Simply sick and in need of help.

  • Scott says:

    New twist to ‘mans best friend’ ha. OZZY OZZY OZZY! WOOF WOOF WOOF!

  • WTF!!??!! says:

    WTF!!??!! Man, he’s holding that dogs head pretty tight… what kind of sick fuckers do this or think its funny? I agree with Paige!!! Everyone involved should be in for it as it takes more than one idiot to do it, photo it and twitter it… shame I would so badly die if i were associated with anything like it. And stupid people are defending him?????????? sick dumb bastards!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • Punctuation man says:

      Obviously what you post needs is more exclamation marks and question marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Luke says:

      Nobody has even ONCE asked how much the dog had had to drink! It takes two to tango!

  • Miguel says:

    He won’t be out of a job for long. Just like all other digraced League players, they get fired from their club then picked up immediately by other. Greg Bird for example. Fucking disgrace. The whole NRL is a disgrace.

  • Kevin says:

    there is someone filming there… i think he lost a bet or something who knows..

  • Angela Hay says:

    bet he commits suicide :/
    i would

  • Moana says:

    What a douche! At least Ozzies cant make fun of us anymore!

  • Rebeka Kutia says:

    What. a. douche.

  • Alex Martin says:

    …..typical creepy red head.

  • Amy Jenkins says:

    The dog should of bit his cock off would of made for a far better story line.

  • srecko ilijasevic says:

    mad mondays should be banned at once. What can u expect from the uneducated idiots??

  • Jazzy says:

    Whoa what a fucking fuckdouche!

  • Belinda Ross says:

    Come on guys the dog was right into it.

  • Nitrium says:

    … and extremely risky!

  • Belinda Ross says:

    u SICK FUK!!!…how dare u force a poor defenceless animal to endure ur disgusting games!!!u need pshyc help u fukn idiot!!!all of u there!!!

  • What a fucking sick ####, whos the person taking the snaps?  Theres 1 to the right and 1 behind the camera.  Take the dog off him and sack all 3 of them and anyone else that was there, make them all known.

  • njf says:


  • Steve Gray says:

    gross and fuckin stupid.

  • FJQ says:

    What a douche ! That’s just gross !

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