Alison Mau Has Had Enough Of The Bullshit?

Oscar Wilde said ‘The only thing worse than being talked about, Is not being talked about.’ I call bullshit on that comment’.
I am not Rachel Glacouma, and I really try not to post about people I have worked with, or issues that involve children. But the huge amount of mis-information dished out, and the fact that one of the people involved has been forced into a corner to address the half truths drive me to post this. If it is her…
For months now, Rachel has been posting revolting innuendos about Alison Mau, her break-up, and her sexuality. The gay comments have really angered many people, and especially the ‘outing’.
But the quote from her estranged husband, Simon Dallow this week, in relation to Alison…….’I don’t speak Leso’, has seemed to be a step too far. If it is her. Allegedly…..
On the fab Rachel Glucina tribute page on facebook, someone who sez they are Mau posted this……

Ali Mau: Just to clear up a persistent misconception – I left Simon because HE was sleeping with another woman.. I’m a bit sick of taking the rap for this!

You can sight the posts here………

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