WATCH – Cary Nokey – ‘American Dream’.

On tour with RuPauls queens. Should have used them in the video.

WATCH – Taylor Swift Parody – “Shake and Bake” Starring Danny Franzese

Love it, love him.

WATCH – Shangela Rocks.

She is getting so much work. Makes me happy.

Dear Stuff, John Key Did Not Apologize To Whale Oil.

John Key says sorry to Whale Oil

Corporate whore John Key did not apologize to the Whale Oil. Nowhere in the mind blowing story does it say that. What are the sub-editors on there? And if Cammy has had a ‘road to Damascus’ rebirth, am sure he will plead guilty in court about his actions against matt Blomfield. But he shan’t, as all of his bravado is just his usual ‘blame someone else or his depression for his behaviour that he always uses when he appears in court.
All he wants is Daddy to respect, but because of his behaviour he will never have it.

WATCH – Wonderful Road Mayhem.

You will draw breath many times.

UPDATE – Of course it is staged, as someone just said on Twitter. How long do you reckon it took to stage people? Forever. Amazingly done.

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